On Thursday (Oct. 15) morning’s edition of the Adam Carolla radio show (heard on KLSX in Los Angeles and other syndicated to other cities), Carolla and guest comedian Jay Mohr were discussing Mohr’s numerous impressions when Bill Cosby and the theme from his original NBC TV show (1969-1971), came up. First Carolla offered an a cappella version of the theme before ordering his staff to dig up a copy of the song in question. Initially, Carolla played a poor sounding clip from YouTube. He and Mohr marveled at Cosby’s scatting, while Carolla remarked, “I bet Quincy Jones has something to do with this.”

Still not quite satisfied, Carolla eventually found a better sounding version of the clip, confirmed that the song called “Hikky-Burr” was indeed a collaboration between Quincy and Cosby, and played it later in the show while his guest was Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

As the cut was rolling, Morello marveled, “Quincy’s always had the magic touch.” When co-host Teresa Strasser remarked on the songs lack of actual lyrics, Morello again raved, “Sometimes the groove is just so good you just don’t need ’em.”

You can download or stream those segments of the show (“Hikky-Burr” is heard and discussed at the tail end of “More with Jay Mohr_10-16-08” and the beginning of “More with Tom Morello_10-16-08”) here and listen to the full recording of “Hikky-Burr” below.

For more of the Quincy-Cosby collaboration, look for Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby’s The Original Jam Sessions 1969 and The New Mixes, Vol. 1, both released in 2004 on Concord Records. The former disc includes the original jam sessions featuring two versions of “Hikky-Burr” and eight other tracks. The latter features remixes of those tracks by Mix Master Mike, Cornershop, Mario Caldato, Jr. and others.

Hikky-Burr – Quincy Jones