Music Box

MUSIC BOX (MBX) is a music solutions company that consists of a collective of top-tier songwriters, composers, musicians, and more. MBX is ready to support creators, directors, producers, studios, and creative executives by fulfilling all types of musical needs for any type of project, at any stage. MBX has been creating music and consulting for some pretty great folks and legendary brands such as Major League Baseball, Dreamworks, Netflix, Mandalay Sports Media, Universal, Fox, Jordan Brand, and many, many more. 

Started by award-winning writer/producer Stef Fink, MBX is a female-founded company that believes representation is the only way to combat the drastic inequality that has informed the entertainment industry, and works to change it with everything they do. 

Traditionally, a music box contains a cylinder that plays a tune when the crank is turned; in the same way, MBX’s promise is to keep the cylinders turning at any time in order to keep the music playing!

*”The Legend of AJ1″ produced/music by MBX


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